World Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse 2017

ARC poster two

World Day for the Prevention of Child abuse is marked annually on 19th of November, standing as a global reminder that children across the world become victims of violence every day. In the Maldives, recent Government statistics revealed 482 reported cases of violence against children in the last four months alone.  

The issue of child abuse is a universal one which requires greater focus and attention of all concerned authorities to garner effective protection skills and prevention measures, including at the community, national and international levels. Such collaboration is crucial in ensuring that all rights afforded to children under Article 35 of the Constitution of the Maldives and under the provisions of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which the Maldives had acceded to in 1991 are fully respected and upheld.

It is of utmost importance for the safety of every child, that they have people looking out for them, and protecting them. ARC believes that it is vital for all stakeholders to work together in the fight against child abuse; to raise awareness, mobilize public opinion and reach out to all corners of society on the important role prevention could play in curtailing child abuse. ARC calls on the Nation to come together to renew the pledge to create a culture of prevention against all forms of abuse and neglect, and help build safe and better futures for all children.