ARC Launches Surf Sm@rt Campaign Website Promoting Internet Safety for Children.


Advocating the Rights of Children (ARC) has today launched the website for Surf Sm@rt Campaign promoting safe use of the Internet ( Surf Sm@rt Campaign launched in February 2015 is an initiative by ARC to educate and raise awareness among children on the benefits as well as harms/threats that could arise from using the internet. The interactive website is based on the message that the Internet is like the ocean – which can be lots of fun but safety comes first.

The campaign includes five key HINTS:

–          Hidden Hazards: Teaches children to keep away from hidden hazards such as, false impersonation, hacking or fraud

–          Internet Intimidation: Helps children understand the do’s and don’ts of the Internet and to be mindful of the consequences their actions might inflict

–          Neat Networking: Steps to stay safe while children share, connect and gain visibility online. Helps children to use social networks safely, and to be aware of the responsibilities that come with it.

–          Safe Searching: Guides children to use trusted sources while surfing for information and be aware that everything online may not be what it seems.

–          True Tales: A platform where children share their good and bad experiences online, so other children can learn from it.

In addition to the campaign specific website, the Surf Sm@rt campaign provides easy to understand brochures, videos, and helpful links that promote safe internet use for children.