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This section is for real life stories of young children and teenagers who have experienced cyberbullying. Do you have a story you would like to share? What kind of support did you receive? Was the situation resolved?

Your story could help someone else who currently is dealing with or has experienced threatening or harassing behaviour online. Please anonymize the experience, and provide as many details as possible in less than 200 words. We will shorten and edit stories if they are too long, use obscene language or use children’s full names, schools, or other identifiers.

Youth Commissioner for the Police

In 2012 in London, a 17 year old girl was given the job of Youth Commissioner for the Police to help them deal with youth crime. Shortly after her job was announced, newspapers discovered tweets on her twitter account, which included racist comments and boasts about drinking alcohol and taking drugs. She lost her job because of her previous twitter posts and was investigated by the police. There are many other similar stories happening worldwide, everyday.