Press release following the first Covid-19 related death of a child in Maldives

ARC is deeply saddened by the news of the first Covid-19 related death of a child in the Maldives, 10-year-old Fathimath Mishka Mohamed. As the nation mourns this tragic loss, ARC sends prayers and condolences to the bereaved parents, family and friends for their unimaginable loss.

ARC calls on relevant institutions to conduct a thorough, transparent and speedy investigation into the delay in deploying the ambulance in response to emergency calls from the family. ARC remains deeply concerned of reports of systematic failures affecting children’s right to adequate health care, more than one year since the pandemic began.

The number of children testing positive for Covid-19 in the Maldives is increasing, with a daily average of 80 children below the age of 10. Close to 400 newborns and children less than a year old have tested positive over the past month alone. While children have an added disadvantage of not being eligible for COVID 19 vaccines that are being used in the Maldives, ARC calls on the State to ensure that children’s right to health-care is realized to the fullest extent, especially during this critical time.