'Our Expressions'- Art and Craft Exhibition by a Children's Shelter

Education and Training Centre for Children (ETCC), in association with Advocating the Rights of Children (ARC), is organizing an arts and crafts exhibition scheduled to take place from 5th to 7th November, from 1400 to 1800 hrs, at the National Art Gallery. This event titled OUR EXPRESSIONS, presents itself as an unique opportunity to experience the creative energy exploding from children in shelters.

This event showcases the works of art produced by the children from ETCC- a childrens shelter in K. Maafushi, currently home to 35 children between 10 to 17 years of age. ARC believes that the exhibition would not only provide an avenue for the children to convey their emotions and expressions, but is a powerful demonstration of what children in shelters can achieve with the right support and opportunities. ARC hopes that it also provides an ideal platform to generate optimistic mindsets regarding the potential of these children to make valuable contributions upon their reintegration into society.