About us

Aims and objectives of GRACE

GRACE helps Girls build Resilience, Aspirations, Capabilities and Empowerment.

GRACE Campaign aims to empower girls to navigate social, cultural, economic and gender barriers. Objectives:

  • To increase awareness of prospects for girls, to help them make informed educational and work-related choices.
  • To encourage aspirations in girls to take interest in non-traditional and decision making roles and occupations.
  • To create an environment for girls to thrive in by promoting the importance of women’s empowerment.

Main components of GRACE

1) Workshops for students of grades 10-12, with a focus on empowerment and skills development.
These sessions provide students with basic tools in preparation for higher studies and employment, such as interview tips, developing CVs, writing cover letters and where to seek study and job opportunities.

2) Awareness sessions for parents.
These sessions raise awareness on the key role of parents in empowering girls. The sessions also highlight the benefits of girls’ education for the family, the community and the country. Parents are also given tips on helping girls to plan their future, to prepare for higher studies and employment (formal work as well as earning income from home).

3) Information Education and Communication materials.
Short video and audio clips are aired on TV and radio channels respectively to empower girls and increase public awareness. The video clips provide practical tips to prepare young adults for interviews and applications for higher studies and jobs. The audio clips targeted for parents promote the benefits of educating and empowering girls. Short video profiles of successful women in non-traditional careers are also shown during the student presentation, as an inspiration for girls. In addition, the key messages of GRACE Campaign are also shared on social media.