DMRR 2015 helps raise funds for ARC’s HOPE Campaign against child abuse

0_1442396339dfa87838db2adc81dd571a9bd2c7493473a585cb128886bd62f6a9223e5ef587_newsAdvocating the Rights of Children (ARC) wishes to express sincere appreciation to Dhiraagu for dedicating the Dhiraagu Maldives Road Race towards Child Protection for the fifth consecutive year. The theme “Rise Against Child Abuse” used by ARC for this year’s race helped advocate the messages of ARC’s HOPE Campaign which urges the community to get involved in protecting children from all forms of abuse by remembering the 4R’s: Raising awareness, Recognizing signs, Reporting abuse and Reaching out.

ARC wishes to thank all the runners who chose ARC as their NGO for the race and for dedicating their run for child abuse prevention. ARC is honoured that over 780 participants ran for ARC at this year’s road race, making ARC the most highly represented NGO at DMRR 2015. ARC thanks Housing Development Cooperation (HDC), MIRA Club and all individual runners and volunteers for their generous donations and support.

In addition to the Rf 30,000/- generously donated by Dhiraagu, ARC was also able to raise a total of Rf 15, 794/- through sales of Tshirts, visors and donations. The funds will be used to conduct HOPE Campaign awareness sessions for children and parents, and workshop for teachers in Male’ and the Atolls.

ARC would once again like to express our gratitude to Dhiraagu, for their continuous efforts towards child protection and for providing a platform to raise awareness and funds for the cause, through the Dhiraagu Maldives Road Race.