Children’s Day 2015

As we celebrate the Children’s Day of 2015, Advocating the Rights of Children (ARC) extends well wishes to all Maldivian children across the country. We also acknowledge with gratitude the contributions made by various stakeholders who have helped improve the lives of children in the Maldives throughout the years.

Today, while the Maldives celebrates the significant strides in children’s rights in recent years, it is equally important to recognize the severe gaps and flaws that still persist in the child protection system in the country. Children in the Maldives continue to be confronted with serious and endemic issues that require our urgent attention at the individual, community and the national level.

ARC recognizes both the magnitude and importance of the task that lies ahead to ensure that Maldives is a society where every child has the support they need to be healthy, stay safe, and to enjoy and achieve their full potential. On this important occasion, ARC therefore takes this opportunity to reiterate the commitment made towards protecting and promoting the rights of children in the Maldives and looks forward to working closely with all supporters of our cause.