ARC Celebrates Partnership with Corporate Ambassadors


Advocating the Rights of Children (ARC) held an event to celebrate its partnership with Corporate Ambassadors at Kurumba Maldives in recognition of their support for the rights of the child in the Maldives.At the event, special awards were presented to ARC’s Corporate Ambassadors of 2015, as follows:

  • Kanbaalifaru Development Private Limited (KDPL) (as Champion of Children’s Rights)
  • Kurumba Maldives (as Champion of Children’s Rights)
  • Public Service Media (as Champion of Children’s Rights)
  • Event Maldives (as Champion of Children’s Rights)
  • Best Buy Maldives (as Patron of Children’s Rights)
  • Kaimoo Travel and Hotel Services Private Limited (as Advocate of Children’s Rights)
  • Seagull Group (as Advocate of Children’s Rights)
  • BLAK Maldives (as Advocate of Children’s Rights)
  • M7 Print Pvt Ltd (as Supporter of Children’s Rights)
  • Happy Market (as Supporter of Children’s Rights)
  • Fondationd’Entreprise Club Mediterranee (as Supporter of Children’s Rights)
  • Official photographer: Mr Ahmed Nishan (Batti) (as Supporter of Children’s Rights)
  • Official photographer: Mr Ali Masrah (as Supporter of Children’s Rights)

During the event, ARC also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with new Corporate Ambassadors for the year 2017. These include: Event Maldives, as a Champion of Children’s Rights; Kaimoo Travel and Hotel Services Pvt Ltd as a Patron of Children’s Rights; BLAK Maldives Pvt Ltd, as an Advocate of Children’s Rights; and Print Lab and Ali Masrah, as Supporters of Children’s Rights. Island Aviation Services Limited (IAS) is also a Supporter of Children’s Rights, having joined ARC’s Corporate Ambassadorship Programme in August 2016 for a one-year term.

In addition to Corporate Ambassadors, a special recognition was also awarded to the British High Commission, in appreciation of their continued support for ARC that has allowed the consolidation and expansion of this organisation’s work during the year 2016.

ARC also awarded certificates of appreciation to other donors and partners, including Dhiraagu, Dhirham Trade, Olive Garden, Beach Club Maldives, Mr. Christopher Hogan, CHSE, Twitsal, Team from Mars, City Investments Pvt Ltd and Muni Enterprises Pvt Ltd who supported ARC in the past year.

Launched in 2013, the Corporate Ambassadorship Programme has been an initiative by ARC, inviting businesses and individuals to work together to improve the quality of life of children in the Maldives.

Speaking at the event, ARC’s Acting Executive Director Zeena Zahid stressed the need to strengthen the child protection system in the country and called on the concerned authorities to promptly pass the relevant legislations through the Majlis, including the Child Protection Bill and the Juvenile Justice Bill.

At the event, ARC’s Secretary General Mr Murutala Moosa presented a brief overview of 2016 and noted that ARC’s outreach through awareness campaigns at schools reached a record total of 11,392 children, 2565 parents and 409 teachers in 9 Atolls and 35 Islands across Maldives.

Outreach map

ARC extends sincere appreciation to all its Corporate Ambassadors and other donors and partners who have demonstrated outstanding commitment to improve the well-being of children in the Maldives, and to Kurumba Maldives for their gracious hospitality and excellent arrangements made for the event.