ARC to launch a series of children's books

Advocating the Rights of Children (ARC) is pleased to announce the production of five children's books teaching the messages of the Healthy Eating and Active Lifestyle (HEAL) campaign for children. The first of the five books entitled 'The Colourful Companionship of Casey Cabbage' is nearing completion, and will be available later this year. Further announcements on launching dates of the books will follow.

The following is a synopsis of 'The Colourful Companionship of Casey Cabbage':
"Casey Cabbage finds himself choosing to play alone more and more often. Compared to the amazing Dolton Datefruit, he just doesn't feel like a particularly valuable vegetable. It's up to Colin Cucumber and the rest of the fruits and vegetables to teach Casey about the fruits and vegetables rainbow and his important place amongst all his nutritious friends."

The HEAL campaign was launched by ARC in 2011 and promotes the following five messages:
1) Eat a rainbow everyday – colour in your day with fruits and vegetables
2) Re-think your drink – choose water first to quench your thirst
3) Dunk the Junk – eat less processed food
4) Snack Smart – choose healthy snack options
5) Unplug & Play – turn off the screens and be physically active