ARC Team wins National Badminton Tournament 6 years in a row!


The ARC team has won the National Badminton Championship for the sixth consecutive year. This special effort is by a team of professional badminton players who support the work of the organization by highlighting the message that protecting children is everybody’s job.

The 44th National Badminton Tournament that took place from 25 November to 4 December 2017, and ARC Team was represented by Captain Zayan Shaheed Zaki, Mohamed Sarim, Mohamed Nashfan, Ali Naseer Abdullah, Muhammad Lukman Hakim and Manager Aminath Ahmed Didi. They competed against Team X and Team MPL in the 1st Division Men’s Team Event Category.

As in previous years, the ARC Team supported the HOPE (Heal, Outreach, Prevent, Empower) Campaign against child abuse. ARC wishes to thank all the badminton players and officials who represented the ARC Team for the past six years, and for their support for the HOPE Campaign by helping raise awareness on the prevention of child abuse. ARC also notes with gratitude the donations made to ARC by the players every year, as they gift their entire prize money for the HOPE Campaign. ARC applauds the team for their commitment and enthusiasm in promoting and protecting the rights of children in Maldives, and congratulates them on their remarkable success.