ARC partners with Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure to develop the Children’s Heritage Plaza at Usgekolhu


Advocating the Rights of Children (ARC) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure to develop the Children’s Heritage Plaza at Usgekolhu, following a public bidding process.  Through this agreement signed at a special event held today at the Ministry, ARC will immediately begin the development of the Children’s Heritage Plaza as a multifaceted space for children and their families to come together for the purpose of cultural education and creative play and learning. The agreement was signed by Mr. Mohamed Muizzu, Minister of Housing and Infrastructure and Ms. Zeena Zahid, Acting Executive Director of ARC.

ARC’s vision for the Children’s Heritage Plaza includes providing a space to introduce children to local culture, especially the historical significance of Usgekolhu. ARC aims to create an environment for children to enjoy learning about local and international arts and crafts and cultural literature through audiovisual materials and provide them with an opportunity to purchase cultural items produced by local artists and craftsmen.

ARC believes that this project will contribute towards increasing cultural and historical awareness and strengthen the social values and customs of the younger generation of Maldives. ARC strongly believes that it is as important to learn about global cultures along with local culture and in an increasingly globalized world it is vital that children are able to experience and learn about these cultures at a young age. There are studies that show that by age 9, most children have already formed specific attitudes about their own cultural identity and the cultures outside of their own (source: Children’s Museum of Manhattan). It is therefore vital that children have access to means of learning about their own culture as well as others through specifically designed exhibitions for them.

The project will be developed in collaboration with Mohamed Mauroof Jameel, a local architect and a specialist on the architectural heritage of Maldives. He has wide-ranging experience in design and development as well as project and institution management. His participation will ensure that project will be developed and all activities will be conducted without compromising the heritage value of the existing structures.

As a non-profit organization, ARC wishes to give back to the community by investing all profits generated from the Children’s Heritage Plaza towards increasing ARC’s outreach efforts through the nationwide awareness campaigns aimed at protecting and promoting the rights and well-being of children in the Maldives.