ARC holds a workshop for girls, to mark the International Day of the Girl Child

Advocating the Rights of Children (ARC) is holding a full-day workshop today, for girls, to mark the International Day of the Girl Child (IDGC). The Chief Guest for the event was Member of the Human Rights Commission of Maldives, Ms. Aishath Afreen.

Speaking at the Opening Ceremony of the Workshop, Ms Zenysha Zaki, Executive Director of ARC expressed hope that an investment in girls today would create a future generation of empowered, educated and active young women. She also emphasized that this would pave the way for tomorrow’s youth to efficiently overcome challenges and have the potential and capacity to work actively in the development of their communities.

A total of 50 girls from grade 11 of Ahmadiyya School are participating in this one-day workshop being held in the Islamic Centre Hall. This workshop is part of ARC’s GRACE Campaign, which is conducted in partnership with the British High Commission. GRACE Campaign helps Girls build Resilience, Aspirations, Capabilities and Empowerment. The objectives of the GRACE campaign closely match the UN development goals, with the campaign’s focus on helping girls to assume their different roles. In addition to a session on the importance of higher education and girls’ empowerment, other topics covered in the workshop include: promoting health and nutrition, promoting social values and empowering children against abuse.

ARC takes this opportunity to thank the British High Commission for its generous support and genuine interest in advancing the rights of girls and women in the Maldives.

The International Day of the Girl Child has been observed since 2012, with the adoption of the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 66/170 on 19 December 2011 that declared 11th October as the IDGC. The theme for this year’s IDGC is “The Power of the Adolescent Girl: Vision for 2030”. The theme stresses on the importance of investing in adolescent girls, to increase their potential as they become future mothers, business women, heads of households, mentors and leaders.

IDGC Photo