ARC gifts donations from its Ramazan Collection to the Children's Shelters

Advocating the Rights of Children (ARC) concludes its Ramazan Collection for Children
s Shelters 2011. Donations were collected from 14-28 July and distributed according to requested items, age groups, sex, and number of children at each centre.

Management from Kudakudhinge Hiya in Villingili and the Correctional Training Centre for Children, in Feydhoo Finolhu collected their share of the donations on Saturday 30 July. The Education Training Centre for Children (ETCC) in Maafushi collected theirs on Sunday 31 July.

This year's Ramazan Collection included clothing and apparel, toiletries,books and stationary, art supplies,toys and sports equipment, strollers, a washing machine, food items including cases of fresh fruits and milk powder, amongst other items that were requested by the shelters. Unfortunately, some items had to be discarded due to unacceptable wear and tear or inappropriate nature.

ARC wishes to thank everyone who contributed towards making the Ramazan Collection for Children's Shelters a success, including all the individuals as well as One and Only Reethi Rah Resort, Monalals, White Junior and Novelty Bookshop.