ARC holds 8th Annual General Meeting



Advocating the Rights of children (ARC) held its 8th Annual General Meeting today at Kurumba Maldives.

During the meeting, ARC’s Executive Committee presented its Annual Report and Audit Report of 2017, which were voted on and approved by consensus. This was followed by a presentation of the proposed budget for 2018, which was also adopted by consensus.

The following members were appointed as heads of ARC’s Supporting Committees:

  • Administration & Finance Committee: Aishath Sanya & Faruhath Habeeb
  • Campaigns & Projects Committee: Nazhath Haleem & Aishath Ageeda Hassan
  • Policy, Planning & Research Committee: Shamma Ismail & Shana Farooq
  • Public Relations & Outreach Committee: Sultana Shakir & Hazma Waheed

The meeting concluded with Director Zeena Zahid expressing the appreciation of the Executive Committee, to all the members, donors, volunteers and staff, for their strong commitment and continued support to help improve the lives of children in the Maldives.

Subsequently, at the board meeting held after the AGM, members were elected for the Executive Committee Posts as follows:

  • Zeena Zahid- Executive Director
  • Muruthala Moosa – Managing Director
  • Lua Shaheer – Secretary General
  • Hassan Shazil – Treasurer
  • Mariyam Rafeeu – Director
  • Shifa Abdul Hannan- Director
  • Hawwa Shazra- Director