Advocating the Rights of Children (ARC) launches calendar for 2019 to raise awareness on “Children and Culture”

Advocating the Rights of Children (ARC) has launched its annual awareness raising calendar for 2019, based on the theme “Children and Culture”. The calendar was launched by Chief Guest, First Lady of the Maldives, Her Excellency, Ms. Fazna Ahmed, at a special event held today at the Social Center.
ARC believes that it is important to create awareness amongst children about the rich culture and heritage of Maldives, help them connect with their cultural identity and revive cultural values and traditions. In this regard, the event included traditional games and activities depicted in the calendar, such as Thinhama, a “three in a row” traditional board game, Ovvalhu, a popular game played with beads and cowrie shells, and Gudi Eruvun, flying kites and provided an opportunity for children to learn about teaching aids such as Voshufilaa, and traditional handicrafts such as Kasabu Elhun and Kunaa Viyun, mat weaving.
Speaking at the event, ARC’s Managing Director, Mr. Muruthala Moosa shared ARC’s plans to carry out a nationwide awareness campaign on “Children and Culture” next year. He also expressed hope that through this campaign, ARC will be able to cultivate interest amongst children on traditional values, culture and heritage.
ARC wishes to note with gratitude the efforts of the local artists, printing partner and Corporate Ambassador M7 Print and ARC’s Advisor on Culture and Heritage, Mr. Mauroof Jameel in developing the 2019 calendar.
ARC has launched an annual awareness and fund-raising calendar since 2015 to promote and advocate for the rights of children in Maldives. Similar to previous years, ARC plans to utilize the proceeds from the calendar sales to conduct ARC’s awareness campaigns in Male’ and the Atolls. The calendar 2019 is now available with a donation of MVR 100/-.