‘A Journey of Art’ at Kudakudhinge Hiya in association with Kurumba Maldives

art ptogram

‘A Journey of Art’ – an art programme sponsored by Kurumba Maldives, under ARC’s Corporate Ambassadorship Programme has been officially launched at Kudakudhinge Hiya today. The four-month programme will be conducted three days a week, under the guidance of talented local artist Mr. Hassan Niyaz, to develop the children’s technical and creative knowledge, and help them discover their individual talents and skills.

Sessions for ‘A Journey of Art’ will focus on pencil drawing, symmetry drawing, introduction to colors and making sketches, and include basics of drawing and painting such as composition of landscapes, seascapes and perspective drawings. Integrated with fun activities such as creating stories and characters from their paintings and drawings, the programme will also encourage children to gain inspiration from their surroundings, from still-life objects to nature.  Through the ‘Journey of Art’ children will also be provided with simple reading materials that include fun facts about Art History, designed to enrich their vocabulary and grammar. ARC hopes that this programme would work towards promoting creativity and confidence, as well as provide opportunities for self-expression.

ARC is greatly encouraged by the continued assistance of Kurumba Maldives to children’s shelters, and greatly appreciates the priority accorded by them to help enrich children’s lives through supporting educational and recreational programmes for the children, as well as capacity building trainings for the staff. ARC takes this opportunity to thank the Ministry of Gender and Family for their support and active participation in this programme.

ARC also conducted the ‘Exploring Art’ programme for children at Kudakudhinge Hiya from May to August 2017.