ARC holds 5th Annual General Meeting


Advocating the Rights of children (ARC) held its 5th Annual General Meeting today at Kurumba Maldives.

During the meeting, ARC’s Executive Committee presented its Annual Report and Audit Report of 2014, which were voted on and approved by consensus. This was followed by a presentation of the Strategic Action Plan for 2015 and the proposed budget for 2015, which was also adopted by consensus. The new heads of Supporting Committees were also elected to office by a vote of the members present in the meeting, as follows:

Administration and Finance Committee

Fathimath Ishala

Fathimath Liusha


Campaigns and Projects Committee

Hawwa Shazra

Fathina Ahmed Khaleel


Policy, Planning and Research Committee

Mariyam Reesha

Muruthala Moosa


Public Relations and Outreach Committee

Leesha Mohamed

Maryam Bassama Farooq


The meeting concluded with Executive Director Zenysha Zaki expressing sincere appreciation to all members, donors, volunteers and staff for their commitment, diligence and support which has allowed ARC to expand its geographic outreach, and ensured the successful implementation of its awareness campaigns and projects over the past year. ARC also expressed sincere appreciation to Kurumba Maldives, for their generosity and excellent arrangements made, in hosting this year’s Annual General Meeting.